Leadership & Double Mindedness (248)

Vacillating Leaders can appear to be careful and considerate, but in the end, their double mindedness will strip them of the quality we all look for in leadership.

A great quality a leader can possess is decisiveness. The ability to absorb information and make calculated moves on the go. They may even make random decisions that seem contradictory when new information comes into play. A leader isn’t caught between two opinions, trying to be all things to all people.

A double minded person does harm to their own soul by abdicating their responsibility to choose.

Double mindedness in ancient times was described in the most graphic terms of splitting our soul in two. The word dípsyxos (an adjective, derived from dís, “two” and psyxḗ, “soul”) – properly, “two souled”; (figuratively) “double-minded,” i.e. a person “split in half,” vacillating like a “spiritual schizophrenic.”

Why do we become double minded?

1. We struggle to understand the question at times, so we sit on the fence waiting for clarity.

2. We make choices based on prejudices, ignorance and our own conscience is screaming at us to make the right moral choice rather than follow the crowd.

3. We don’t like the pain that goes with choose the right path for us. This means we have to change (often feeling the pain before seeing the gain) as we get out of our comfort zone.

The benefits of decisiveness

1. There is power in choice, it brings clarity not the other way around.

2. There is movement in choice, no longer does the fork in the road stop us.

3. There is separation in choice. We move on from toxic people and environments or they move on from us.

4. There is unseen opportunities in choice.

One of my favourite sayings of life comes from an elderly business friend John Stefanelli ~ “Life has no guarantees, only opportunities”

What John implied was simple, choose to take risks and live with the consequences, don’t just wait for life to happen.

Decision Makers have no issue sifting through grey matter to make the most out of life. The double minded person who waits for life’s opportunities to appear in black and white rarely move on.

I have a gift of annoying people because I make choices that bring change, I back myself and I back other doers. I have little to no tolerance for words with no action. I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

Those that stand on the sidelines will criticise, hurl stones and judge, only to fuel decisiveness. To them, this becomes even more offensive, because I’m forcing them to choose. I’m not wanting them to follow me at all, I’m challenging them to find their path and move on. If we are not on the same team, let’s make it clear. If we are on the same team, we will go places, but they must keep up.

Lead by keeping your own spirit whole first.