Let your $2 faith stretch you to $40, let your $40 faith stretch you to $400,000 faith etc.. (251)

In my early twenties, my young bride, baby girl and I went across to the other side of our country to start an outreach to help those in need of hope.

With no Internet, Social Media and the conveniences of today, I got a job at a button factory earning minimal wages to support our young family and carry on with our mission.

The rental we had was humble and took 35% of our income, with barely any furniture and place to dry our clothes. We stretched ourselves and bought a clothes dryer to help with the nappies. Yes, those days, we couldn’t afford throw away nappies.

Imagine us, just barely out of nappies ourselves, we believed we could help others with greater emotional, physical and spiritual needs than us.

With heads lifted high and confident that our faith would see us through, we searched the house for money. We looked in all the obvious places frugal kids like us looked. Draws, in the couch and then in my cupboard, looked through my clothes.

I was looking for $2 coins just to get some basics.

Imagine being the main provider of the home and not having $2 to give to buy the bare minimum.

I checked one of my jackets and in the inside pocket I found an envelope with my wife’s name and mine on it and the word FOOD underneath. When I opened the envelope I counted $40 cash in it. Imagine how exhilarated my wife and I were. Money to buy all the food we needed. I never found out how the money got there.

From this incident to bazar scenarios where one of the gentlemen that we helped on our outreach came to our home, walked in with bags of shopping. He smiled and said ~ “I found these” and gave them to us. Bags full of goodies, deserts, food we wouldn’t buy because of cost.

Fast track decades later, my wife and I are continually amazed by the favour that comes our way, turning $40 faith into whatever we need today. No longer renting, blessed beyond our imagination in too many ways, it still feels like the same exhilaration in our fifties as it did in our twenties, just a lot more $000s these days.

I believe today like I did as a young Pastor that didn’t have a clue about life in my twenties. God will supply all our needs according to his riches in glory to continue the work of outreach of giving hope to the world.

I hope you feel stretched enough to trust God to take you places you’ve only dreamed about. It’s not just hard work. It’s not just an amount of money. It’s about fulfilling a purpose that is greater than ourselves. I know plenty of people that work hard and even make lots of money but are poor in spirit, not trusting God to meet them in areas that really matter.

Let God stretch you and take you places that give you the same exhilaration I felt as a young man that worked so hard but in the end needed God to come through.

What are you believing for?