BASELINES – Principles & Convictions cannot be borrowed or stolen (253)

Most people waver through life in survival mode. Very few operate from a clear baseline.

Every time I’ve struggled in seasons of my life, it was clear that I moved from my baseline. I got distracted and tried to live by someone else’s baseline.

Principles & Convictions cannot be borrowed or stolen, they are yours and yours alone. What you do with them are in your control.

The moment we move the baseline, it’s anyones guess what we stand for.

Our baselines aren’t what our parents taught us or the skills that we have developed in life. Many throw away their integrity for convenience, the appearance of success instead of success itself.

My baseline for life was forged in me as a seventeen year old when I started to believe the message of Jesus. At first my parents, friends and those that knew me were concerned because my life radically changed. As the years rolled on, my principles and convictions have been tested and tested. I’d like to say with confidence that I stuck to my principles and convictions as I knew them, but sadly no!

Like the phoenix that rises again and again out of the ashes or the crucible that purges out the true gold, my baseline has become clearer these days.

I may not be as popular to some, but my conscience has never been more at peace.

Ask yourself, “What is my reason for being”?

If the answer doesn’t give you an enthusiasm that can’t be quenched, revisit why you do what you do.

My baseline is Jesus and the gift of God’s salvation through Him. My hope daily is experiencing Heaven this side of the grave!

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