Don’t say YES, if you secretly mean, I’m not sure (254)

Some cultures seem to struggle with the word NO, or the phrase, I don’t know, so they just say YES.

While at first, YES seems so positive, YES without substance becomes grating before too long.

Jesus gives a very insightful parable to illustrate. He talks about a father having two sons. He tells the first son to go and do something and the son instantly said YES but didn’t do what he said he was going to do. He then asked the second son to go and do something, the second son said NO, but as he went, he did as his father instructed.

The question Jesus posed, which son did the Will of the father?

Obviously the second son did.

The first son was too quick to answer, trying to impress upon his father that he was a good son yet had shallow integrity. The second son was a straight shooter with a soft conscience.

Saying NO is probably how he felt but did the right thing anyway.

Don’t surround yourself with YES people, surround yourself with people that are honest about their own capabilities and will do their best to deliver. Even if their delivery means NO from time to time. You can guarantee this person will do their best once their conscience gets to them.

As for the YES people, love them, but verify shortly after they say YES.

Respect is always earned, it’s not a right.

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