Jesus isn’t trapped in church buildings – He’s at the epicentre of the marketplace (255)

It’s the most fascinating thing to watch as town planners create a scheme for those hungry to worship.

How could we possibly contain the creator in brick and mortar.

The very concept of church has changed radically over the years. Cathedrals & Steeples for centuries stood on top of hills, town centres as the mark of religious domination only to become tombs of tourism and historical architecture.

Jesus who condemned the idea of temples and buildings becoming the centre of worship as he created a whip and turned over tables to make His point.

Human beings are obsessed with the notion that we can sustain spiritually if we create a box for God to dwell in.

The very notion that feeble human hands can erect anything so majestic for the creator to call home is not only profoundly proud, it’s absurdly blind.

The moment we believe the church is a time and a place, we learn to compartmentalise the movements of God.

The real world where we spend most of our 168 hours, if we aren’t mindful, we neglect the voice of God.

The beauty of being a disciple of Jesus Christ, where we go He goes. Every moment of the day we are spiritually minded. Be it in the board room or the family get together, we take Jesus with us.

Next time someone asks you “Which church do you go to”? Perhaps respond by saying “I am the temple of God and He dwells in me 24/7”

As for gathering with other believers, well that’s completely arbitrary. Some of us used to call ourselves Orthodox until we became Pentecostal, then we decided to go to a gathering that call themselves Baptists etc..

Make no mistake, unlike the government of our day that mandates restrictions, where we can go, how we will dress, God is completely opposite.

We all stand naked before Him, we cannot hide a single thing yet He fully accepts us as we are.

I love the fact that wherever I go, whatever the environment is, the moment I step into the room, it feels like church.

If you have never accepted the gift of God’s salvation through Jesus Christ, you’re completely wasting your time trying to feel God in a building.

God is a Spirit and those of us who worship Him, we worship in spirit and truth.

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