The certainty of Jesus in uncertain times (256)

It is suggested that there are hundreds of prophecies that have been fulfilled concerning the deity of Jesus.

What’s the problem with reducing Jesus to a great guy, wise person, mystical healer or anything else that sounds positive?

When uncertainty hits at levels we have never experienced and our life feels like we are in quicksand, a great guy, wise person or healing mystic that lived 2,000 years ago just doesn’t work.

Jesus said about himself “I am the way the truth and the life” Such certainty or completely arrogant?

Jesus walked the earth in absolute humility and died on the cross as a payment for our uncertainty, our fears and our selfishness. In return he offers a WAY, TRUTH, LIFE.

Belief in Him is very different from belief in ourselves. He being the creator of everything, He is not subject to our human limitations.

All I can do in life like every other human being is work with the conditions I’m given. I have very little control as do you.

Put your trust in the one who is the King of Kings & The Lord of Lords, let Him speak for himself. He won’t let you down.

Where governments or leaders do their best, they too are subject to limitations.

JESUS SAVES – Best two words you can embrace in a season of uncertainty.

After forty plus years I’m still yet to find a substitute for Jesus..

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