Don’t be so easily offended (257)

We can all be a little irritated, annoyed or even dismayed by people.

Building resilience without becoming bitter is what keeps us fresh.

We live in an unusual time in history where peoples opinions are hung out for everyone to see. We believe we all have a right or it’s a display of strength to be rude, to expect more than we give.

People fight over nothing of relevance but will not be counted for something significant.


One of the best ways to stay clear of offence is to walk straight through it. Don’t avoid it, simply keep moving forward.

If you have a sense of purpose, you will inevitably offend people around you unintentionally. I’d suggest this is true of those around us to. They may have the best of intentions but can’t always find the right way to communicate.

Open communication, a large heart and a humorous outlook to life will go a long way from being offended an ineffectual.

The worst thing we can do is avoid everyone that doesn’t think or act like us. You will most definitely end up alone and miserable.

Toughen your skin and soften your heart and you’ll not only stay healthy mentally and emotionally, you’ll be the envy of everyone.

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  2. read this book , great read- Unoffendable by Brant Hansen

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