Everything is measurable in the service industry (258)

A measure is used ascertain the size, amount, or degree of (something) by using an instrument or device marked in standard units.

Our time is measured

Our quality of work is measured

Our attitude is measured

All three variables can be moved around somewhat depending on what units you use to measure.

Time + Quality + Attitude = Equals X Factor Cost or Price Paid

We all pay a PREMIUM to experience a right amount of time, high quality, brilliant attitude.

Take a Greek Meal for example

Instant attention is given when they serve appetisers. Simple food is served while the main meal gets cooked. Greeks create an experience out of a meal. It’s never just a meal.


First Base – People’s Time Is Important

When creating a base for ongoing business, create units of measurement that is light and easy to swallow. Let’s call this the Appetiser.

Second Base – Quality, Quality, Quality

Those we serve must have the best quality we have to offer. Meaning, the job is complete when everything is done the way we expect it to be done.

The Golden Rule applies to everyone we serve. Do unto others what we would have them do to us.

Third Base – We can’t hide a bad or good attitude, it sweats out of us the hotter it gets.

Remember, we can mix and match time and quality and cost, often rescued by our attitude if unexpected problems happen.

Optimism, Happy, Honest, Calm Attitude will open more doors than those who think they are better qualified.

Fourth Base – Payday, nothing tastes better than earning a reward.

Payday comes in all shapes and sizes



Unexpected Favour

Joy of completion

A peaceful conscience

Ongoing Success

As a Christian who loves property related work and training others to succeed. My first reward always comes from a sense of being pleasing to God. Then comes my sense of self worth that I get from my loved ones. Then comes the rest.

What units of measurement do you use to live life? It reveals how you use the above equation.

Time + Quality + Attitude = Equals X Factor Cost or Price Paid

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