Big dreams draw extraordinary opportunities (259)

“You have not because you ask not” We often sabotage our own dreams because we stopped believing them, talking about them and acting on them.

Have you ever sat around and talked big ideas, I’m talking crazy ideas with an equally crazy person that has that serious look in their eyes?

When you leave, you can’t quite get that feeling like you’ve activated something in the cosmos.

Unfortunately that’s where it stops for most, they just talk but not follow through.

Our speech is connected to our nervous system and spirit that yearns to create.

Wether it’s falling in love, getting married, having children or making our mark on this world, our words are what gets the miracles to appear.

If we take time to listen to our own conversations, what would you hear?

Are our words filled with hope, creativity, bold declarations of what can be, inquisitive of how to birth something no one has seen? Are our words so welcoming, that others can contribute to the impossible?

Jesus was the ultimate visionary who challenged the way we speak when he gave illustrations like the following ~ “If you had the faith of a mustard seed, you could speak to a mountain and uproot it and throw it into the sea”

What an amazing vision just there.

What’s the obstacle?

Speak to the obstacle and be ridiculous about what you expect. Acting on what you say day in day out is what uproots mountains.

I challenge you to speak ridiculous ideas into existence. Associate with equally crazy people that speak ridiculous ideas into existence.

You’ll find that it won’t take long to incubate those ideas and many more into reality. It just depends on what you really want.

Most people have not because they ask not.

Be shameless about what you want to see come to life and invite others to be part of that dream. If it’s a larger than life dream you’ll need all the help in the world making it happen.

There is nothing better in life like celebrating with those who backed you as you equally backed them when no one else did.

Big dreams draw extraordinary opportunities

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