Have a sense of humour and laugh at yourself a lot (262)

Have you ever taken the time to mock yourself and see the funny side of all your seriousness?

Being offended or being surprised that others would dare mock you is both naive and sad.

Naïve, because we’re not that grand in the world scheme of things.

Sad, because we miss an opportunity to see ourselves in light of another person’s landscape.

When we’re the but end of someone’s joke, we’ve achieved an ability to be free rent in their headspace.

I often mock individuals that intrigue me in both a good and bad way. If I continue to find something funny about them and always bring them up in conversation, they become the winner.

Next time you want to be that perfect person no one notices, just do nothing and say nothing. Maybe you’ll escape life’s ridicules. Unfortunately if you find yourself in my world, I would see so much to mock and laugh about.

If you are the first person that doesn’t take themselves that seriously and you take time to laugh at what you see in the mirror, all attempts from others to hurt you through mockery dissipates.

Don’t be so easily offended, there’s always something to laugh about if we give ourselves a break from time to time.

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  1. leanne willcox says:

    choose joy and laugh alot

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