Be more philosophical, why tragic Greeks / Macedonians laugh more (264)

When you grow up in a family that has survived a world war and civil wars, you definitely become more philosophical about life.

How on earth was I destined to become anything normal when my whole childhood stories were about escaping poverty and war.

Mum was far more stoic than dad, she kept her pain in. Dad just let it all out through story telling and dark humour.

As I got older, I started to forget their tragedy and began to speak to them like I knew it all. Rather than belittle me, they kept their opinions to themselves in a great many ways.

In their wisdom perhaps, they had to wait for me to be ready to appreciate what they went through as I got older.

Mum delighted herself in the paradise she had, her garden, her growing bank accounts and her small house that she called a castle. When the grandchildren came, she started to laugh, when the great grandchildren came she was in disbelief. Mum’s face glowed when her great grandchildren said anything. I think the great grandchildren were fascinated by my mums joy.

In her own words she would describe her life like a rose 🌹. All her life she experienced thorn stems but in the end, God gave her the rose. NOW, THAT IS SO HEAVILY TO COMPREHEND. It takes a philosophical posture to take all life gives you and turn it into something as beautiful as a rose.

As for dad, he had a different approach. He lived in the moment. Laughed a lot from my earliest recollection of him. He saved no money, smoked heavily and would joke about it, saying “I’m only half as deplorable as your grandfather. He was an alcoholic and a chain smoker, a drink in one hand and cigarette in the other. At least I have one hand free to work with”. Dad thought it was so funny and laughed with sincerity, not meaning to be derogatory of his father. He just accepted that his father had an even more difficult time dealing with his own tragedies life dished out.

Maybe dad had to laugh earlier than mum in life, going to an early grave. I said my goodbyes to him when I was thirty one.

Mum laughed a lot later in life surviving my dad for another twenty three years.

Having a philosophical view of life allows for all sorts of ups and downs. It allows you to be more reflective and compassionate to those around us. It allows you the breathing space to grow as a human being and maybe take a lesson from both my parents.

Plan like you are going to live to a ninety four years of age like my mum did.

Live like you are going to an early grave at sixty seven, like my dad did.

and in doing so, exercise laughter as a habit as early as possible, it just changes everything.

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  1. make happy choices daily and be grateful

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