Let everyone have a seat at your table, even your enemies (265)

It’s very rare to find individuals that are so inclusive, that purity is their greatest motive.

It’s so much easier to create outsiders, US & THEM. Xenophobia is real and is used by politicians to win elections. Tribal leaders have used it for thousands of years in order to preserve cultures. Both politicians and tribal elders see themselves as the puritans to keep order.

Giving everyone a seat at the table, even your enemies approaches life from a completely different perspective. This is the table that allows ideas and relationship without a predictable outcome. It holds everyone at the table accountable with a mechanism to self regulate.

Moral Law becomes the guide.

In order for Moral Law to be released which brings everything to account, there must be an atmosphere for it to manifest.

Jesus gives us the perfect setting for Moral Law to manifest at His Last Supper. He invited His disciples to sit and eat with him and he reveals what is going to happen next.

Jesus took three years picking his winning team. Out of all the thousands of people that followed Jesus, only twelve ended up at his last supper.

There’s a lesson right there!

You and I will find out sooner or later in life that people come and they go, no matter what. Allowing everyone to sit at your table gives you an opportunity to grow your community while it experiences ebb and flow indefinitely.

I often encourage leaders to develop teams by working with who’s around them no matter who. Don’t stop progress because we don’t have the perfect players. Developing people has its own incredible rewards.

I suggest that leaders pick twelve individuals to work with and accept that one of them will always be trying to kill you 😂. This has been my life experience, one will go out of their way to discredit your character for their own advancement, love them anyway.

If you keep inviting others to sit at your table, you are the one that doesn’t shrink. Your table will always be full, your life will be rich. You may even find some who you thought were your enemies become a friend that’s closer than a brother.

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