Life is a struggle, proving you’re alive and well (268)

When the flower has fully bloomed its spender starts to fade, as it is with life.

The very idea of peaking in life as the be all is the shortest way to experience deep depression. Of course life has peaks and troughs and neither one ought to be our dwelling place forever.

Life is a struggle which is where true enlightenment shines the most

It was Jesus who encouraged those who really want to make a difference in life to take up their cross daily.

What does it mean to take up your cross daily?

1. It shows that you have a long view of life and understand seasons come and seasons go. That’s where real growth takes place.

2. You are mature enough to give and serve others rather than requiring others always to be at your beck & call.

3. You are looking for rewards that are beyond the temporal world believing for miracles against the odds .

4. Wisdom is produced in life’s struggle beyond instant knowledge that you can access of Google.

5. Taking up your cross daily sets you free from complacency where nothing ever gets done.

6. Pain and struggle gives us great focus on what is and isn’t important.

Life is a struggle, proving you’re alive and well. Don’t waste this short life you have trying to escape it’s beautiful lessons.

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