Shame, the great deterrent. Reconciliation the great equaliser. (270)

Shame often operates from a power imbalance.

Regardless of motive, shame can move strong individuals to a place of brokenness.

Bosses, managers and those in lead roles can use shame to deter others from misbehaving. Given the circumstances, most individuals carry a greater weight of authority beyond their character.

Character and integrity may have been the instruments that opened up the opportunity to take on a lead role, they aren’t always the guarantee that these qualities keep them there. Often in the height of success, humility is exchanged with pride.

It’s at this point shaming others is the most convenient to maintain a position of authority.

No one has the right to shame you regardless of their position.

Let’s look at another power base, RECONCILIATION.

It was Jesus who taught such a profound authority in the idea of reconciliation when he coined the phrase ‘He that is without sin cast the first stone’ when the elites of his time tried to shame a woman for her lifestyle.

Reconciliation is the great equaliser, recognising human beings as fallen creatures in need of a redeemer rather than judge.

I’ve been on both sides of this equation, feeling incredible shame to the point of despair and hopelessnesses. I’ve also felt God’s free gift of Grace offering reconciliation and rapturing my heart to a place of unspeakable joy.

I may have the power to shame others but it’s unprofitable for all of us. I also have the power to free people from their failures by extending encouraging words and actions. We Both Win!!

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