Over protection can be as devastating as no protection, if we lack understanding (271)

As a concerned parent, who doesn’t dread the thought of their children going wayward.

As an over enthusiastic and empathetic friend, boss or manager, who doesn’t dread the thought of their friends or team being bullied or struggling to cope.

OVER PROTECTION, Let me illustrate.

I’ve recently come into the world of being a green finger, wanting to help my wife around the garden.

I believe greatly in routine and systems, so I implemented some around the garden. I made sure every plant gets watered and then some.

Rule number one

Some plants don’t need that much watering. I started to enjoy the green growth and never missed a day.

Here’s where the problem is, I started loving the plant so much, enjoying every new leaf to the point it started rotting at the base of the stem.

We can overdo things out of our genuine desire to help. We want to minimise the pain life brings to others that we start interfering with their growth potential.

Rule number two

Understand that it takes more than water to grow a plant.

Just because I was disciplined at watering the plant didn’t compensate for my lack of knowledge in assisting growth in other areas of the plant.

Nurturing requires a full knowledge of the plant not just a desire to see it do well. This is a lifelong journey that we can’t get through text books.

Life teaches us to dig deeper and be more attentive to detail if we want the fullness of its offering.

It’s not too late to be a wholesome parent, friend, boss or manager.

Caring for others is definitely a prerequisite to helping others achieve their goals. As importantly, it’s knowing when not to interfere which is an art we can all learn as well.

Let’s never go overboard on any truth we discover, and perhaps give ourselves a reasonable break when we discover such a life uttering bit of wisdom.

Hopefully our frangipani will survive after my wife and I attended to it this morning.

An incredible lesson learned from the humble garden.

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