Paradise without purpose likened to dead flys in healing ointment (272)

Imagine you finally get that dream job, the forever house, you married the love of your life, but you can’t seem to enjoy any of it or them.

Paradise without purpose visits every single human being on the planet 🌎.

We try so hard to avoid struggle until struggle is unavoidable, why?

I’m convinced we have the wrong idea of what paradise actually looks like.

Marketing companies, story tellers and the human heart that yearns for peace doesn’t help. We conjure up all sorts of fantasies of a place called PARADISE!

That dream job that you finally got started rotting the day you started.

That house that you could finally afford started to feel empty.

That life partner you finally convinced to walk down the isle suddenly became your daily reminder of how inadequate you are.

All these things and more lead us to a better way! They force us to redefine paradise!

Paradise in its historic setting depicts a space that is bliss, completely harmonious and absent of toxicity.

Picture ointment that the alchemist creates to sooth the senses and heal wounds. Then picture flies landing in such a wholesome setting and destroying all the calming and healing elements.

As a spiritual human being, Jesus taught a very clear message where paradise actually is. He said ~ “Don’t seek a place or a time to find the ultimate abode or dwelling place, the kingdom of God is within you”

If my purpose in life is simply to reach a destination, a title or accumulate x amount by a certain time, flies will swim in my pool of hope indefinitely.

If my purpose in life is to be connected with my creator, void of accomplishing anything other than being true to my God given conscience, then my paradise cannot be penetrated.

Jesus also made a promise about paradise when He said, “I have come to give you life and give it in abundance”

Jesus offers something more dead religion.

Perhaps flies have landed in your ointment, spoiling everything good around you. Can I encourage you to go to the one that makes fresh batches of soothing ointment for your soul right where you are.

The moment we believe in God’s promises once again, we begin to discover paradise right where we are.

Our purpose in life is to be connected to the creator and from there all heaven’s gates and resources are available to us right now, not some future time or place.

One Comment on “Paradise without purpose likened to dead flys in healing ointment (272)

  1. always a pleasure to read your blogs Tom.

    God lives in all of us, we just have to step out each day in faith and live it .

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