Amazing Grace that Saved a wretch like me, saved from what? (274)

You have to have spiritual ears to hear the meaning of Amazing Grace blown through the pipes along a beachfront in the South West of Western Australia.

What a glorious experience!

To him it was a tune to be learned, to me it was a melody that conjures up so many remarkable thoughts.

A song written by a Slave Trader, John Newton, in the 1700s a few years after he encountered God’s saving grace during a viscous storm.

I’ve met hundreds of people throughout my life that claim the same Amazing Grace that saved that slave trader, saved them.

Saved them from what?

Maybe John Newton used the idea of being in a storm with no way of anchoring to safety as his inspiration to this timeless song.

All human beings experience that unsettling feeling of being broken apart by life’s circumstances. That feeling of being shipwrecked with no hope of survival.

Imagine instantly feeling the storms around have lost their power. The sun is shining and peace overwhelms you.

You can’t explain it away but the things that used to control you have lost their power.

God’s Amazing Grace is available right now to those who believe.

Being a wretch isn’t as terrible as it seems.

Being a wretch is the first step towards Amazing Grace. You have to feel lost before you call out so you can be found.

I’ve felt lost many times in my Christian journey and God has always been faithful to put me back on track.

To those of us who believe, Jesus said “I’ll never leave you or forsake you” What an amazing promise.

The first verse says it all!

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost, but now am found
Was blind but now I see

I look forward to meeting the man who played one of my favourite hymns of all time for me and have the ears to experience it’s true meaning for him. He’ll never be the same.

I pray you have an awesome day!

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