Time to get out of the ornamental pot and be planted in God’s great garden (276)

Many of you are large trees planted in small pots and it’s killing your soul. You must expand your horizons in order to discover your place in the Master’s garden.

My wife transplanted a lemon tree from a large barrel pot into the garden a few days ago. The tree thrived for a season in the large barrel but turned for no apparent reason. When my wife removed it from the large barrel, it was evident, this tree was destined for far greater things. Unfortunately the large wine barrel, all be it beautiful, it was killing it. The roots had nowhere to go.

What is confining and defining you? You are more than what’s on the surface!

God has called you to far greater things than being an ornamental and perhaps a frustrated lemon tree planted in the wrong space.

Perhaps it’s time to consider being an insignificant but incredibly fruitful tree in a prosperous garden rather than a large tree in a small pot?

You are who you associate with.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Your brother in Christ

Tom Smilovitis

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