The seriousness of holding on too tight, let’s revisit the monkey bars (280)

Remember that moment you swung on the monkey bars at the playground and discovered flow?

Yes, it was nerve racking at first until you let go to grab onto the next bar. From there it was all about trying to stretch yourself to see how far you could swing. Our whole body got involved and we learned fast how to listen to our body to make this happen.


You got too old for the monkey bars and everything got too serious. Flow started to get restricted 🚫 and everything had to be calculated to the point of inaction. Where’s the fun in that?

The monkey bars were a brilliant tool to calculate risk, take shots and reasonably assess the next step to succeed. Failure was part of discovery 💡.

Activating faith in every situation is a God given gift. God allows us to jump in certain directions with a reasonable risk so you can reach levels you’ve never reached before.

The classic story of Jesus walking on water and freaking out his disciples while they are in a boat during a storm. This is a monkey bar opportunity for Peter. Peter is seeing his teacher and master walking against nature on the water. Peter instantly bids Jesus for the ability to do the same thing and he steps out of the boat to discover a flow he couldn’t even dream of.

We often limit ourselves as we get older and we prefer to ride out storms in the safety of what we create (Like a boat).

Walking on water doesn’t seem natural, neither does swinging on monkey bars!!

Don’t become so serious about everything in life that you forget to take a faith adventure every now and again.

The joy of a restored marriage

The joy of seeing our children find their purpose in life

The joy of creating a unique business

The joy of being a vessel in changing toxic cultures

The joy of liking who you see in the mirror and experiencing peace rather than hearing a constant negative voice in your head

I pray 🙏 you have a great day and loosen your grip by letting go and taking a leap of faith in a wholesome adventure.

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  1. chose joy daily absolutely Tom

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