Squeaky clean is so boring, where’s the wholesome rebel in you? (282)

There’s no one that likes order like me, but order for the sake of order can be madness.

The very idea of order shouldn’t suggest that everything looks perfect, nothing could be further from the truth.

Order is about creating flow and the ability to move in any direction necessary to achieve something greater than ourselves.

Order is not about having a clean desk as the end goal.

Most of my work involves creating order and sometimes to create such order or flow you have to disrupt everything to restore order.

Things can get messy before things get better

Don’t preserve the appearance of perfection and the cost of wholesomeness.

Have a rebel moment every now and again and surprise yourself and choose the quickest route to your destination, throwing caution to the wind.

Knock, Ask, Enter

Knock on the door

Ask for the opportunity

Walk into your promise

All three are verbs that must be acted upon.

Save the ideology, philosophy and rhetoric for someone else.

I hope and pray you have an awesome day

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