Building a community has its challenges (283)

What’s in it for for me?

Community has all sorts of benefits and setbacks depending on the overall expectations of those who participate.

Motivation is a big part, what’s the motivation for joining?

Some join a community to take from the community. This is the person with very low interpersonal skills and has a one track mind, “What’s in it for me?”

1. They are known for taking but not giving back.

2. They tend to drain the energy of those that give without taking any consideration of what it costs to build a vibrant community.

3. They leave the community the moment they are challenged to participate.

4. They can’t see past their own unquenchable needs and miss out on the value of community.

What can I contribute?

1. This person is motivated by high interpersonal awareness.

2. This person knows the value of contribution without an expectation of an immediate return.

3. This person understands the timeless truth of sowing and reaping. You have to give in order to get a return far greater than what they give.

4. This person continues to grow the community and in turn grows their own sense of well-being.

When is it time to leave a community?

1. When the community no longer provides the opportunity to add value into another persons life.

2. When the community has lost a clear sense of purpose.

3. When the community only serves those at the top.

4. When the community stops growing not only in numbers but more importantly, it stops developing givers.


We all have something to give and it’s the giving that makes it all worth while.

Like any beautiful fruitful tree. After you have planted it, nurtured it, faithfully stood by it, when the fruit comes, you get the privilege of enjoying the fruit as well.

Community has its challenges, but it also has its blessings.

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