God is always looking for a return on our investment. Being in the black is not good enough, why? (284)

What would you do with $7,200,000?

There’s a classic parable that Jesus shared of a wealthy master who distributed resources to three of his servants.

It’s as though the master knew the capacity of each one of his servants and he gave them different amounts of money to invest.

To one he gave 5 talents, to another 2 talents, to another 1 talent.

A talent (Ancient Greek τάλαντον, talanton ‘scale’ and ‘balance’) was a unit of weight of approximately 80 pounds (36 kg), and when used as a unit of money, was valued for that weight of silver. As a unit of currency, a talent was worth about 6,000 denarii. A denarius was the usual payment for a day’s labour.

So today if we use the Australian average labourer’s cost of $30 an hour x 40 x 6000, one talent would equate to $7,200,000

The one who received 5 talents equates to $36,000,000

The one who received 2 talents equates to $14,400,000

The one who received 1 talent equates to $7,200,000

It’s interesting how Jesus was never afraid to talk about money and the use of it.

When the master returned from a long trip he called in his three servants and wanted to settle the accounts.

The one who was given $36,000,000, returned $36,000,000 on the master’s investment, giving him back $72,000,000 million.

The one who was given $14,400,000, returned $14,400,000 on the master’s investment, giving him back $28,800,000

Both the first and the second servant returned 100% and obviously the master was pleased, saying to them both “Well done, good and faithful servant, I’m now going to make you both in charge of much, enter into the joy of your master”

The third servant returned exactly what he was given $7,200,000 and the master was furious. The master asked why he had given back exactly what was given him?

The servant’s response was what most people that waste other people’s resources do, they blame the one that gives the opportunity.

The servant called the master harsh and knew that the master had an expectation of a return.

In the modern world, the easiest thing we can do when opportunity is presented on a platter, is do nothing. Like the unfaithful servant in the parable, they can’t see past their own slave mentality and expect someone else to foot the bill for them.

What a slave mentality fails to see,

When get have a job to do, turning up is not enough. We must show a return for the opportunity we have.

If we don’t show a significant return, what we do have, if it’s not invested, we will lose it.

Be it a marriage, family, friendships, business opportunities, mental health, physical health..

On the positive side, we have a law working for us if we are not afraid to invest our lives into everything wholesome, expect 100% return.

I hope you’re not wasting what God has given you.

I hope you’re not blaming others and hiding your ability.

I hope you’re not looking for an excuse why you can’t.

This is the day that the lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it.

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