What’s the difference between the GOOD NEWS and FAKE NEWS? (286)

We are definitely living in testing times when it comes to believing the content on all manner of platforms.

Everybody has something to say, but is anyone saying anything worthwhile?

What is GOOD NEWS?

It’s the information which gives us hope, confidence, encouragement, excitement that everything is going to be ok.

There’s way too much negative stories that do the opposite and this information is what headlines are made of.

If you want to change your complete outlook to life, switch off the 6 o’clock news. Why is it important to know minute by minute everything you have no control over, to enter your mind. Get rid of unnecessary white noise.

If it’s important enough that will effect your life, it will come knocking at your door.

Good News is everywhere if you know what you are looking for.

GOOD NEWS starts by what we put into our mind.

What content are you feeding off?

From reading can do books to surrounding yourself around can do people. What we put into our mind produces what we think of, how we feel and how we act.

What is FAKE NEWS?

Fake : not genuine; imitation or counterfeit

There’s an old saying “Fake it till you make it”, nothing could be further from the truth.

Being an imitation has no value at all. It has a short life span.

Why be impressive but not be true?

Jesus dealt with FAKE NEWS in his day when he addresses the religious leaders calling them hypocrites. He even called them White washed tombs. He implied that they looked all plush and impressive outwardly but inwardly they were just dead mens bones.

FAKE NEWS leaves you empty, disappointed and discouraged.

There is no benefit at all being a pretender.

As a person of faith, I thrive on spreading GOOD NEWS wherever I go. I’m shameless about spreading hope wherever I can.

It seems the more I give the more I receive.

You have more laughter in you than you can imagine.

You have more smiles in you than you take advantage of.

You have more generosity in you that will make you feel joy, if you only exercise it.

The world can do with some more GOOD NEWS spreaders.

Perhaps it’s time to let go of the imitation and go for everything that is true.

Perhaps pray and ask God to show you the difference.

One Comment on “What’s the difference between the GOOD NEWS and FAKE NEWS? (286)

  1. Great message Tom. So true. 10 out of 10.

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