Believing is what makes us see what matters. Be free from circumstantial sight (287)

We can often get trapped in our circumstances and become blind to possibilities.

Circumstances?, seeming facts or conditions connected with or relevant to an event or action.

The problem with living under the burden of circumstances, we become tossed about like a tempestuous ocean, never feeling anchored about anything.

If circumstances are favourable, we enjoy the moment like a flowering daisy, fortunate enough to glimpse the sun for a moment or two, then it disappears.

Believing changes everything

Believing predetermines what our mental, emotional and physical circumstances become.

Believing in what?

1. What you think about yourself

2. What you think about those around you

3. Where the next opportunity opens

4. How you sleep at night guilt free

I choose to believe that the one who created the universe and it’s absolute laws doesn’t see me as an accident, a Big Bang, or anything else that is so utterly hopeless.

I choose to believe that I have been created for purpose, be it a husband, father, brother, friend. I am more than a commodity or something that has a use by date.

Refuse to be labeled

We label things. I am not a thing neither are you. We are created in the image of God. We not only breathe, eat and feel, we are conscious of our own existence. We are more than animals with survival instincts.

In any given day, our life plays many roles and we’d be crazy to give in to circumstances. Circumstances are shifting all the time and we can guide them better the more focused we are in what we believe.

Jesus said there are two types of people.

One who builds their life on a solid rock. This life is able to withstand the storms life brings.

There is the other who builds their life on shifting sand. This life is forever picking the pieces up when any struggle appears.

Jesus said about himself and his teachings that they are the ROCK that cannot be shaken.

Just believing in ourselves isn’t good enough, we’re not God.

Perhaps today is that perfect storm where you learn to let go of your current circumstances and latch on to Jesus. You will not be shaken.

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