Transparency is vital, it’s different from being a weak person’s doormat (288)

The power of transparency

I read an interesting interpretation of what transparency means,

Transparency in a process involves it being completely visible and open to scrutiny, so that it’s clear that nothing is being hidden. This sense of the word is especially used in the context of politicians, government agencies, and businesses and calls for them to be more transparent or increase their transparency.

While the above is generally accepted as a type of transparency, it’s far more complex.

Being open, honest and free of scrutiny to one person may be seen as arrogance and a form of bullying to another.

Who writes the rules to how visible we should be?

Often the ones that require transparency as the prerequisite to an enduring relationship, don’t play by the same rules.

I remember in my early twenties working as a car salesman for just one day. The rules of transparency applied to the sales team but not to the customer. It felt like I joined a pack of wolves that were committed to self interest in the name of transparency.

At the end of the day, I said I wouldn’t be back and didn’t give them a reason. These days I’d be more transparent about my conflicted spirit when it comes to outright deception in the name of being a great sales person. (Disclaimer, I have no issues with car salesmen). I have been negotiating deals my whole working career, over forty years of it. I can sleep well and rely on return business in these deals, all thanks to transparency.

Transparency isn’t about showing the world your dirty laundry, it’s about playing by the same rules.

Clearly defined rules of engagement in any setting helps everyone participate at their level. One person’s strength shouldn’t leave another person’s feeling condemned.

Recognising each other’s strengths and weaknesses and applying kindness, mercy, love, accountability and wholesome outcomes, strengthens the vulnerable and humbles the strong.

The team dynamic of transparency leaves no one behind and doesn’t elevate one over the other.

This is true of family and community to.

When leaders are truly transparent, they seek the best in people and aren’t surprised when people fail. It’s all a part of growing to another level of transparency.

I believe the greater the transparency, the greater the opportunities will present themselves for enduring success.

Facing ourselves is the greatest hurdle to transparency.

Jesus spoke of transparency and likened it to yeast in bread, just a little spreads right through. If we deceive ourselves in some hidden area of our life, be assured it will rummage right through our life.

So let your yes be yes and your no be no. A brilliant way to protect yourself from an overly self centred life.

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