Is it possible to redeem ourselves? I think this is the wrong question (289)

New relationships are beautiful because we can be a fresh version of what we want others to see.

In many ways this is how two individuals may fall in love with each other. They show their best parts of themselves first.

This is also true in the beginnings of a new work relationship, our redeeming qualities shine bright as we keep the less attractive side of us under lock and key.

It’s typical of human behaviour to go from relationship to relationship in the hope of redeeming ourselves and winning the respect of those around us.

The only problem with trying to redeem ourselves, we leave a trail of distrust and broken relationships along the way.

I think the question of self redemption isn’t what we should be asking. We are incapable of looking in the mirror objectively, why?

Every human being is born into debt and we spend most of our lives trying to earn the respect of those around us.

Family relationships are the best example of this.

We claim to love one another and we spend our lives trying to fulfil our obligations to one another until someone breaches trust.

Someone always breaches trust and it starts to escalate. From that first breach to our current state of affairs, everyone breaches trust in some shape or form.

We are all guilty, no matter how great our intentions.

What’s the alternative?

Accepting that we haven’t got a hope in redeeming ourselves but we have a hope in God’s redemptive plan of salvation.

What’s the difference between us redeeming ourselves and accepting God’s plan of redemption?

You can only appreciate the difference between the two once you’ve exhausted trying to redeem yourself.

1. Just look at the relationships around you and ask yourself how strong they are?

2. How do you overcome the breaches of trust from happening in the first place and then repeating itself?

3. Do you have to keep moving circles of relationships to find perfect people that don’t exist?

4. Are you tired of not being able to accept the person in the mirror and are you tired of finding someone to blame for your struggles?

God’s plan of redemption covers every area of our need for peace.

God’s forgiveness is instant

We cannot earn it

We cannot prove we are worthy of it

We have no negotiating powers with God, we either take all His forgiveness or nothing at all.

Once we receive God’s forgiveness, ALL OF IT, it changes everything about the way we see ourselves. We become whole, complete, full of God’s love.

It’s from this place we can give our complete selves to others, not to earn their acceptance but to offer them ours with no conditions.

Don’t waste your life trying to redeem yourself. It is exhausting and a dead end road.

Keep going to God to understand that you are already redeemed and God will always reveal how to maximise this new life you have in Him.

I’ve tried both and I’m leaning on Him to keep me till the day I leave this body.

Christ died to save sinners of whom I am chief.

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