Everyone evolves, so don’t entrap your thoughts in an imaginary time or place (290)

The idea of capturing times and places has never been so prevalent than in a social media age.

Growing up in a time where we only had black & white televisions with three stations and the meaning of a profile was a criminal getting a head shot picture for the police files.

We had a lot more imagination and space for situations to evolve. We didn’t document every bit of human behaviour for the world to see and then call it reality.

I must admit I fell victim to this false sense of reality for a season. Having access to knowledge at the tip of my fingers didn’t guarantee that I had wisdom to discern such vast pieces of knowledge.

I found myself constantly evolving on the inside and capturing all those outward moments didn’t seem to match my inward journey.

People have a habit of seeing others through their limited vision, be it a bias or simple ignorance. I felt myself always being completely misunderstood and the answer was so simple, switch it off. Don’t let others create a profile of you for their imaginary files.

It’s as old as time, there is nothing new under the sun. We are no wiser, we are simply hopeless when it comes to grabbing on to a bit of information that justifies our actions.

What’s the alternative?

1. Stick to your journey and limit the amount of unsolicited advice you take on board.

2. No matter what we want others to see about ourselves is always limited by their blinkers. We all have blinkers, seeing what we want to see.

3. We get to move a lot faster in life the less baggage we carry.

4. Life does present unlimited potential to those who understand where the source of that potential rests.

Jesus said “The kingdom of heaven is not a distant future or a geographical place, it’s in you”

What he implied was so simple yet so profound. Everything you need to fulfil your potential is internal and it’s activated by faith. A seed thought, followed by action takes you to places only others dream about.

Just keep growing and those growing with you will be by your side as others drop away.

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