Interdependence isn’t just a modern term, it has always been a healthy approach to build a vibrant society (292)

Even in nature we see the leap from dependency to independence and the ultimate cycle is to give back to the whole to make it interdependent.

Before there was any form of social security to fill the gaps of poverty and helping those most vulnerable, family was the ultimate incubator to fulfil all the stages.

Growing in a migrant family I experienced all three stages of life within my small community.

It was my mother who was very deliberate about teaching all three stages of life as a matter of survival and dying with dignity.

Growing up in my household I wanted for nothing. Food, clothing, shelter and work ethic were all part of the family contract. As a dependent, I relied on my parents to give me all the tools to become independent in life.

As a teenager I knew how to work hard, put money aside, look after myself and not rely on anyone else for my food, clothing, shelter.

Growing out of dependence and becoming independent is only part of the cycle and this is where most find themselves frustrated or increasingly selfish. They believe the lie that life is all about them. They see themselves as the centre of the kosnos.

Interdependence is a whole different thing.

This is where the true riches of life flow out of. This is that glorious space of being fruitful, blessed by the heavens.

Ever heard the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ implying that what you see on the outside isn’t always what’s happening on the inside.

Jesus taught the opposite, he said “Judge a tree by the fruit that it produces” implying that you can tell a lot about a person by the way they give back.

Interdependent people know that they can’t live in isolation to reap the fullness of life. Their connection to their own peace and happiness is the connection to the whole tree being healthy, roots, trunk, branches, leaves.

My happiness is connected to your happiness, my sorrow is connected to your sorrow and that’s how we create wholesome community.

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