A person convinced against their WILL is of the same opinion still, so stop beating yourself up (294)

Years ago I heard this quote ‘A person convinced against their will is of the same opinion still’, implying, we can’t make people see what we want them to see.

Having an attitude that we are always right or our way is the only way creates all sorts of road blocks in life.

1. Parents do this to their children until the children resist and pushback

2. Bosses have this with their workers until their workers pushback

3. Governments have this with their constituents until their constituents vote them out

Having a belief or a strong opinion may help us cope in life but we must be mindful that not everyone sees life the way we do it.

What then?

If it’s truly important that we want others to see what we believe is revolutionary, then just live it to the full.

If what we have warrants any consideration, let others come to your revelation in their own time and space.

To pressure others to see things our way is nothing more than manipulation at best and a poor confidence in our own self worth at worst.

I’ve learnt and am continually learning this the hard way and it’s worth every moment of new understanding.

I’m less inclined to prove anything these days.

I’d rather live my beliefs and develop my opinions, hopefully casting light wherever I am rather than shine a torch in the eyes of those around me. Imposing my beliefs causes those around me to shrink or disregard what I have to offer.

Can I encourage you to shine your light and be steadfast in all that gives you hope. Be like a lighthouse on a hill not trying to navigate every ship that passes by, but allow each captain to take the light as a guidance.

Don’t stop having strong beliefs and opinions, just live them to the full until those around you need them as a guide in their storms.

I pray you have an awesome day being a lighthouse or guided by one.

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