Dad, it’s time to come home. When fathers go MIA, we lose too many of our young men (295)

A society where fathers are absent, the next generation struggles with identity.

We acknowledge that prisons are predominantly filled with men. Not necessarily are all these men evil but most have very little references of restraint, tough love, discipline and purpose.

Men have an innate desire to hunt, protect and provide. Men definitely are created uniquely different from women who have an innate desire to birth, nurture and domesticate.

While both sound like stereo types of a 1950s American patriarchal society, fact remains men are very different from women.

I’ve had the privilege of travelling extensively and mixing with all sorts of cultures. Men typically want to be warriors, save the damsel in distress, marry her and have children that bring honour in their dying days.

When things don’t go to plan, men can become warmongers, play the field and disregard their offspring, leaving the damsel in distress to pick up the pieces.

This vicious cycle plays through the generations and we have what we can definitely call, a fatherless generation in many parts of the world.

Our laws can’t stop the incarceration numbers. Our liberal views haven’t stopped the flood. Our political parties just keep building new prisons.

What’s the alternative?

Men that are living testimonies of purpose must go out and mentor the next generation as well as reach out to our incarnated brothers.

We have a responsibility as stewards of manhood to give back and bring balance back to the tribe.

1. Teach them how to hunt for their tribe and not just hunt to feed themselves.

2. Teach them to protect their tribe, the vulnerable, the weak and defenceless and not abuse them.

3. Teach them the value of sustainability and long term investments for the greater good of the tribe that will one day be their inheritance. Where their children and their children’s children will provide, protect and honour them when they are old.

Very few men are purely evil, they’ve made their choices. Most men are lost and need to be found and set on a wholesome path of renewal.

There was a beautiful prophecy given thousands of years ago about a fatherless generation without hope with a promise of restoration. It started when the fathers returned their hearts to their children.

I believe we are living in that generation!

Dad, it’s time to come home.

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