Itinerant: Management, Leadership, Mentoring and Culture Development

People – Principles – Possibilities

The three following sample references reflect my passion and interests

Chris Bowan “I’ve known Tom for over twenty years and he has always been a great leader, however I have witnessed his passion for leadership and his ability to motivate and lead, rise in the last few years.

Tom has a unique ability to draw greatness out of people. He is a man of high ethical character who leads by example and never asks anyone to do anything he is not willing himself to do”

Chris Bowan moved from being a senior detective in the Western Australian police force to a full-time mentor in the construction industry. Read more about Chris’s amazing journey. Senior Detective to Construction Mentor

Quinton Tucker “Tom is a spiritual warrior whose time has come. His pure strength is his knowledge to seeing the true potential in every individual regardless of race, culture or religion. Tom is inspirational and contagious.”

Quinton is an Indigenous Australian – Social Entrepreneur and CEO of Burmna Yurral Aboriginal Corporation. Quinton is very instrumental in training and working with struggling young indigenous men caught in a cursed system Prison Motivational Talk – Captive audience and tough love

Gerry Hanssen”I don’t know what Tom does, but it works, I see the effect”

Gerry is the Managing Director of Hanssen Construction, an entrepreneur and philanthropist who allowed me to disrupt the culture of his construction company over a five year period – Toxic Construction Culture weeded out by a new style of leadership

Joe Stefanelli – “I have had the pleasure of knowing Tom for about 10 years, 7 of which was during the time of his management of my family’s shopping centre.

Tom was from the onset a man of strong personal integrity and belief in the good contained within each individual. Tom more importantly, was able to draw out this good from within people, no matter what their rank was in life, tenants, owners, cleaners, contractors and professional alike.

This positive attitude towards people was effective immediately as Tom set foot within my centre. Suddenly all ill will, rumour mongering and calculated deception were gone. In its place Tom was able to introduce an atmosphere of professional goodwill and co-operation.

Whatever I threw at Tom, in terms of direction I believed the centre needed to head towards, Tom not only stood up to the challenge but also relished the opportunity of not only reaching the goals I set, but also of ensuring that the success of the Centres business’s, their families and the success of those individuals employed by them would also be achieved.

To this day Toms transformative influence is still very evident within the centre and the rumours have never returned.

Tom is a goal setter, for himself and for others, always leaving you feeling a little uncomfortable if you simply wish to coast along in life.

Toms greatest attribute is that he is a genuine team player and believes that everyone is as good as himself. Tom will leave you wanting to achieve more for yourself and for others, without thinking “Am I worthy of such ambition”

Joe is the CEO of  Stefanelli Properties. I have become close friends with Joe and the family which was initiated by a brief phone call from Joe’s dad some years ago Who will replace elders like John Stefanelli? Building a new city on their foundations