For me to be that confident to declare that ‘All things work out for good’, I’d have to have resources and references far greater than anything this world can offer.

At the young age of 58, I’ve had the privilege of bypassing real tragedy 🎭 even though I’ve felt like I went to the edge a few times.

When I compare my story to others, especially my parents, my life has been a walk in the park.

Why is it in the western world especially, the rate of suicide is growing, mental illness and a sense of hopelessness is at an all time high?

We’ve never been richer, smarter or have freedoms greater than any point in history.

All things don’t feel like they work together for so many.


When life is all about reaching a destination, be it a goal, a place, a kindred community, life becomes a huge roller coaster leading nowhere.

Everything becomes so temporal, we grasp at straws to find meaning.

We reach a destination, such as a goal, place or kindred community that we dreamt about only find our misery comes with us.

Jesus said “I have come to give you life in abundance” His promise wasn’t to grant us our wishes, but to illuminate our heart to a better way.

When we place our trust in Jesus, we then can claim the resources He has to offer to make such a ridiculous statement like “All things work together for good”

My hope is not in my positivity, my hope is in the one who created the universe. Who sees all my struggles and allows me to lean on him.

Our own confidence and get go spirit can only deliver so much in life. We all run out of steam.

Activating that new life that Jesus offers goes way beyond just having a great attitude. Jesus promises to come in to any life and fill them with enthusiasm for even the most mundane things.

If you don’t believe me, try praying 🙏 to Jesus with real sincerity in the privacy of your own bedroom and see what happens.

I’ll let Jesus answer fir himself.

Have an awesome day.

Remember that moment you swung on the monkey bars at the playground and discovered flow?

Yes, it was nerve racking at first until you let go to grab onto the next bar. From there it was all about trying to stretch yourself to see how far you could swing. Our whole body got involved and we learned fast how to listen to our body to make this happen.


You got too old for the monkey bars and everything got too serious. Flow started to get restricted 🚫 and everything had to be calculated to the point of inaction. Where’s the fun in that?

The monkey bars were a brilliant tool to calculate risk, take shots and reasonably assess the next step to succeed. Failure was part of discovery 💡.

Activating faith in every situation is a God given gift. God allows us to jump in certain directions with a reasonable risk so you can reach levels you’ve never reached before.

The classic story of Jesus walking on water and freaking out his disciples while they are in a boat during a storm. This is a monkey bar opportunity for Peter. Peter is seeing his teacher and master walking against nature on the water. Peter instantly bids Jesus for the ability to do the same thing and he steps out of the boat to discover a flow he couldn’t even dream of.

We often limit ourselves as we get older and we prefer to ride out storms in the safety of what we create (Like a boat).

Walking on water doesn’t seem natural, neither does swinging on monkey bars!!

Don’t become so serious about everything in life that you forget to take a faith adventure every now and again.

The joy of a restored marriage

The joy of seeing our children find their purpose in life

The joy of creating a unique business

The joy of being a vessel in changing toxic cultures

The joy of liking who you see in the mirror and experiencing peace rather than hearing a constant negative voice in your head

I pray 🙏 you have a great day and loosen your grip by letting go and taking a leap of faith in a wholesome adventure.

The cleansing power of fire

Over the past few weeks I’ve taken time out to get rid of everything that has come to the end of its life.

Firstly, I took about twelve years of diaries and burnt every page in an afternoon.

Sitting in my backyard by my fire pit tearing page after page of my life and throwing them into the fire. Every now and then I took a glimpse of something that was written and can’t believe how much I went through in those twelve years.

The memory has an amazing ability to take you places and revisit experiences. It was an interesting afternoon watching those papers go up in smoke.

At the end all that was left were ashes, a very small pile of ashes.

The takeaway for me was simple. I now have an opportunity to write the next twelve years of my life with a fresh outlook.

The next thing that I did was chop down a pile of branches from my olive trees. Branches that were growing too high to reach the olives and branches that were dead.

I did the same thing as my diaries. Over an afternoon while my wife and I did gardening, I took out the same fire pit that turned my diaries into ashes and committed these olive branches to the fire.

At the end of the afternoon, all those branches that took up valuable space in my yard disappeared. Just a small pile of ashes were left behind.

I took those ashes and threw them into a compost heap getting them ready to come back to life. In the coming months all those remains will be invested back into my garden for a new season of growth.

The takeaway was simple, we carry way too much that weighs us down. Our minds get cluttered with unreachable goals. We carry dead wood around everywhere.

When we take time to declutter our minds of things that don’t give us life, commit those things to the fire. Whatever remains, throw into the ground and believe for new opportunities to come to life.

Jesus said “If you try to save your life you’ll lose it. But if you lose your life for my sake you’ll find it”

We hold onto way too much trying to make sense of it all, rather than let go and let God make sense out of what’s left.

I pray you have an amazing day and start thinking of decluttering your life back into meaning.

In an age where we get instant information, very few find instant answers.

The modern world with all its ease, it still doesn’t have the ability to calm the soul.

We get to work faster, achieve a lot more, run from one meeting to another and still feel we’ve accomplished nothing.


We are all created in the image of God, yet through false and poisonous mindsets we rob ourselves of all God intended for us.

What is a MINDSET?

Simplest meaning : Your mindset is a set of beliefs that shape how you make sense of the world and yourself. It influences how you think, feel, and behave in any given situation.

An even simpler meaning is our mind begins to form beliefs likened to concrete being poured into moulds. Once the concrete is set, it becomes irreversible. It no longer is pliable or fashioned into a greater belief.

Faith changes everything!

It was Paul the Apostle who described faith that changes everything. He said “Now Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen”

The word substance can also be interpreted as assurance.

Faith is like a title deed to a property transaction. It’s proof of ownership.

Faith activates what is ours if we claim it as it’s rightful owner. Faith produces hope, confidence, a miraculous change of mind.

Old mindsets are literally removed and new beliefs are set in their place.

Faith in what?

Faith in God’s promises, starting with salvation through Jesus Christ. Building our lives on a solid foundation first.

Just having faith alone with no foundations creates a roller coaster life that has extreme highs and lows yet without meaning.

Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the father except though me”

One of the greatest mistakes I’ve done in my forty plus years of faith was to compromise where I place my faith.

People let us down

Governments let us down

Our own intuition let us down

Repositioning where we place our faith restores our ability to build lifelong relationships without bitterness and suspicion. It also helps us with uncertainties of government and social disruption. More importantly it hones our intuition through the eyes of a gracious, loving and merciful God.

If you have never considered placing your faith in Jesus but you are sick and tired of false and poisonous mindsets that are holding you back, just pray and ask God to show you the way.

As for me, my faith is not for sale. I’ve been to the dark side and back and I put my trust in Jesus.

I pray 🙏 you have an awesome day and take hold of God’s assurance.

Many of you are large trees planted in small pots and it’s killing your soul. You must expand your horizons in order to discover your place in the Master’s garden.

My wife transplanted a lemon tree from a large barrel pot into the garden a few days ago. The tree thrived for a season in the large barrel but turned for no apparent reason. When my wife removed it from the large barrel, it was evident, this tree was destined for far greater things. Unfortunately the large wine barrel, all be it beautiful, it was killing it. The roots had nowhere to go.

What is confining and defining you? You are more than what’s on the surface!

God has called you to far greater things than being an ornamental and perhaps a frustrated lemon tree planted in the wrong space.

Perhaps it’s time to consider being an insignificant but incredibly fruitful tree in a prosperous garden rather than a large tree in a small pot?

You are who you associate with.

I’ll leave you with that thought.

Your brother in Christ

Tom Smilovitis

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