We still use antiquated terms like landlords to describe authority. From the days kings ruled the earth as they controlled vast portions of land, landlords as they were known, were the kings enforcers of law, for GOOD OR EVIL. Priests in like manner tried to control the kings through superstition and moral law manipulation, for GOOD OR EVIL. Government agencies, a relatively new form of control. Through legislation and constitutional law making… Read More

The very idea of things just happening is myth. When a farmer looks at their land, they visualise the outcome, the fruit, before they start to labour. An architect looks at the possibilities of what can be built, they visualise the potential end product before they start drawing. Why is we think life is any different.? What do you see in your mind’s eye in the broadest sense of what you want… Read More

There is always a tension between seeing injustice and doing something about it. I often find myself in conversations with high achievers and watch them in single focus doing what they do best and avoiding much of what makes us complete as human beings. Myself being completely guilty of such frustrations doing what I love only to see weeds appear out of nowhere. I didn’t plant the weeds, I didn’t water the… Read More

At some point in life all humans face the dread of white noise polluting their every thought. White Noise is that menacing feeling that invades our thought life from clarity. Some people can be so effected by worry that it paralysis them from moving forward in a positive way. A friend of mine has a drone and it was so fascinating watching it manoeuvre ever so carefully and skilfully above us. Equipped… Read More

No matter how much we try to improve our lives, at some point, it will end in the ground. The modern world in many ways has turned us into modern slaves. The clock keeps ticking and we can’t keep up with it. UNLESS we master our lives again. What’s the difference between a slave and a master. The slave is forever under the demand (fearful demand) of another order given. The master… Read More

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