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3 steps to avoid the contempt of familiarity in close relationships

There’s nothing worse than a relationship gone wrong, be it friends, marriage or in the work place. There’s three steps to minimise that feeling of contempt in others and them in you. 1. Lifelong relationships need space to develop If a relationship starts off with with sparks, it’s probably a good thing. All to often… Continue reading 3 steps to avoid the contempt of familiarity in close relationships

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3 Golden Ingredients to life

There are plenty of negative forces that bring us down. From the moment we wake up, self doubt, apathy and lack of purpose work are at us like atrophy to muscles mass. The following 3 ingredients build up the inner person. Many will experience a combination of them from time to time, but it’s mastering… Continue reading 3 Golden Ingredients to life

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Five motivation killers and one motivation rule to extinguish them! 1. The criticism of those that have not invested in you. 2. Work that is meaningless. 3. Answering to those that have not achieved what you have. 4. Having to participate in an atmosphere where individuals bring their toxic spirit in. 5. The greatest motivation… Continue reading 5 MOTIVATION KILLERS

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Here’s a couple of books from my ever dwindling library. (I can’t think of how many books I’ve given away) Having strong republican friends and knowing the Clinton's are quite polarising, I’ve always been encouraged to disdain Hillary Clinton, so I bought her book and let her speak for herself. After reading her book, I… Continue reading SEEK TO UNDERSTAND SO YOU CAN BE UNDERSTOOD