CONTENT IS EVERYTHING We’re living in the most fascinating season of human existence where social media rules the world. Journalists are competing with virtual platforms where real news and fake news are blurred. Teachers are competing with virtual platforms where lifelong education and expedient information is being challenged. CONTENT IS EVERYTHING In the human struggle to exist and be relevant, is it a lawless jungle where the only the fittest survive? I… Read More

“You have not because you ask not” We often sabotage our own dreams because we stopped believing them, talking about them and acting on them. Have you ever sat around and talked big ideas, I’m talking crazy ideas with an equally crazy person that has that serious look in their eyes? When you leave, you can’t quite get that feeling like you’ve activated something in the cosmos. Unfortunately that’s where it stops… Read More

It is suggested that there are hundreds of prophecies that have been fulfilled concerning the deity of Jesus. What’s the problem with reducing Jesus to a great guy, wise person, mystical healer or anything else that sounds positive? When uncertainty hits at levels we have never experienced and our life feels like we are in quicksand, a great guy, wise person or healing mystic that lived 2,000 years ago just doesn’t work…. Read More

Growing up in a Greek Macedonian home as an Australian migrant was fascinating to me. Stories were everything. Story telling isn’t always about the facts, story telling lifts our imagination to another level. My dad and my uncle, dad’s brother were brilliant at sharing stories. They took you back in time with their dramatics, their emphasis on details that were important to them, their humour, their prejudices and so on. When they… Read More

I had the privilege of driving a F430, and the obvious instant feeling of success hits you, if not completely, it hits you for a moment. The keys from the owner of the car are thrown to me casually, like he’s done this once or twice before. The owner, proud of his collectible, allows others to share in his wins. ‘SHARING WINS IS FAR MORE ENJOYABLE THAN WINNING IN ISOLATION’ It’s hard… Read More

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