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3 Reasons the weakest link needs removing

Proverb ‘You are only as strong as your weakest link’ Wether it’s a toxic relationship or an unhealthy habit, it’s the weak links that keep us from achieving our end goal. 1. Weak links render the whole chain weak Weak links emotionally blackmail the chain to its lowest denominator, or worse, make the whole chain… Continue reading 3 Reasons the weakest link needs removing

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3 steps to avoid the contempt of familiarity in close relationships

There’s nothing worse than a relationship gone wrong, be it friends, marriage or in the work place. There’s three steps to minimise that feeling of contempt in others and them in you. 1. Lifelong relationships need space to develop If a relationship starts off with with sparks, it’s probably a good thing. All to often… Continue reading 3 steps to avoid the contempt of familiarity in close relationships

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Don’t eat all the seed in your hand To those that have more will be given and to those that don’t have, even the little that they have will be taken from them ~ Jesus paraphrased 1. Poverty Mindset Poverty - Not having the means to live a healthy existence Breaking the cycle of poverty… Continue reading RICH vs a POVERTY MINDSET

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Growth develops in uncomfortable settings During lockdown rules of Covid19, societies have had to adapt to a new way of living. Most will miss the opportunity to grow during this season and can’t wait to go back to their complacent norm. I’ve taken the opportunity to say yes to three new things over the last… Continue reading TRY NEW THINGS

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3 Golden Ingredients to life

There are plenty of negative forces that bring us down. From the moment we wake up, self doubt, apathy and lack of purpose work are at us like atrophy to muscles mass. The following 3 ingredients build up the inner person. Many will experience a combination of them from time to time, but it’s mastering… Continue reading 3 Golden Ingredients to life

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Five motivation killers and one motivation rule to extinguish them! 1. The criticism of those that have not invested in you. 2. Work that is meaningless. 3. Answering to those that have not achieved what you have. 4. Having to participate in an atmosphere where individuals bring their toxic spirit in. 5. The greatest motivation… Continue reading 5 MOTIVATION KILLERS

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Ancient Proverb 'All roads lead to Rome' or all paths lead to the same goal. The sickest souls on earth are those who fight against their conscience in order to gain something that is not real. The modern digital roads take us to places Ancient Rome couldn't even conceive. Centuries later when the Medieval Templar… Continue reading HIGHWAY TO THE HOLY GRAIL

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If your message solves problems, they’ll come looking for you in the wilderness. He would’ve been in his late twenties to thirty years of age and he unlocked so many minds. He was in the desert declaring the greatest message to come to earth. “Change the way you think, we are about to experience the… Continue reading MAD MAN OR FREEMAN