We don’t have to be rich to practice philanthropy It was 4am and I had a McDonalds breakfast in a bag hoping to find a hungry soul, breakfast in exchange for a story. His face looked familiar, the face of yet another stranger who lost their way. He was happy to share his story and what a story it was, he was new to the street community. Bob tells me how connected… Read More

They show potential and the blood thirst of the economy must be fed so small business is encouraged at all costs. Modern-Day Gladiators, practicing their skills when no one is watching, waiting for the day they get a shot in the arena. The arena (THE MARKET PLACE) is packed to the brim, represented by every corner of the world. Watching from above are mum and dad, corporates, scouts, speculators and the governors…. Read More

Updated June 2020 and the positive narrative continues. Seven years on and it’s still happening, wholesome leaders empowering people to build amazing structures in Perth’s high-rise horizon. pic taken at Langley Park nurturing good mental health and suicide awareness, a Hanssen campaign ‘run for a friend ;’ September 2018, I concluded a five year personal challenge to make a difference in the building industry within my sphere of influence. I was invited… Read More

The moment we start writing our CV, we begin to define ourselves. I assure you that you are better than your CV, no matter how exaggerated it is.  Often a CV will try to identify qualifications, experience and character by its author, unfortunately the reader will read it completely different. Slaves employ slaves The CV tells the world we have a need, we are on the market and we are willing to… Read More

Give yourself permission to get up close and personal and deal with the bully with a smile. As a mentor, I find it incredibly rewarding watching the underdog stand their ground to a bully. Two outcomes may happen 1. Individuals learn the art of self governing as they stand their ground in the workplace 2. The bully comes down a notch and lives with the rest of us on the ground Yes,… Read More

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