‼️BUSY IS NO LONGER COOL‼️ We can all contribute to a revolution of sustainability and return to the garden of Eden, God’s first design. With our ageing population growing, businesses under stress, our education systems acting like a holding pen for our youth, we must REDEFINE how we plan, build and sustain our future cities. The Industrial Age has accelerated the world into urban living like a meteor snatched by the earth’s… Read More

I had the privilege of driving a F430, and the obvious instant feeling of success hits you, if not completely, it hits you for a moment. The keys from the owner of the car are thrown to me casually, like he’s done this once or twice before. The owner, proud of his collectible, allows others to share in his wins. ‘SHARING WINS IS FAR MORE ENJOYABLE THAN WINNING IN ISOLATION’ It’s hard… Read More

There is nothing more enticing than a person’s personal guarantee, especially in a world that promises so much and delivers so little. People are often frightened of overselling especially when starting out in business. They make promises to potential clients in the hope of securing a contract. These individuals end up creating a job for themselves that becomes a ROD to their backs if they are not careful. Slowly but surely they… Read More

We still use antiquated terms like landlords to describe authority. From the days kings ruled the earth as they controlled vast portions of land, landlords as they were known, were the kings enforcers of law, for GOOD OR EVIL. Priests in like manner tried to control the kings through superstition and moral law manipulation, for GOOD OR EVIL. Government agencies, a relatively new form of control. Through legislation and constitutional law making… Read More

The very idea of things just happening is myth. When a farmer looks at their land, they visualise the outcome, the fruit, before they start to labour. An architect looks at the possibilities of what can be built, they visualise the potential end product before they start drawing. Why is we think life is any different.? What do you see in your mind’s eye in the broadest sense of what you want… Read More

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