When you grow up in a family that has survived a world war and civil wars, you definitely become more philosophical about life. How on earth was I destined to become anything normal when my whole childhood stories were about escaping poverty and war. Mum was far more stoic than dad, she kept her pain in. Dad just let it all out through story telling and dark humour. As I got older,… Read More

‼️BUSY IS NO LONGER COOL‼️ We can all contribute to a revolution of sustainability and return to the garden of Eden, God’s first design. With our ageing population growing, businesses under stress, our education systems acting like a holding pen for our youth, we must REDEFINE how we plan, build and sustain our future cities. The Industrial Age has accelerated the world into urban living like a meteor snatched by the earth’s… Read More

The moment forgiveness is released into the air, all sorts of transformations take place. Forgiveness is a living thing, it’s not a thought process or a program. Just because people coexist, it doesn’t imply forgiveness has taken place. Some of the most angry and bitter people can coexist for years harbouring bitterness and resentment. Being civil isn’t forgiveness, being civil externally prevents wars, but civility without forgiveness cannot bring about harmony. Wether… Read More

“Sofia, you lived and died on your terms” 2022 will be the year of opportunity as we take back our control of knowledge and apply it to our daily lives. SOFIA was the name of my mother who instilled a wisdom in me which is taking years to unwrap. Like name like nature, SOFIA, meaning Wisdom. Wisdom ~ A quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement. Simply put, an ability to… Read More

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