The Itinerant

The Itinerant hopes to inspire a new generation of leaders, business people, social entrepreneurs and wholesome world citizens. 

Connecting people to possibilities through the development of interpersonal traits, nurturing confidence and providing pragmatic life lessons to the reader.

After decades of work in very unique industries that have stretched me to no end, It’s time to share these experiences.

Migrant Family Business in my teens developing survival skills

World wide not for profit community developing leaders twenty-one years

Commercial property portfolio management ten years

High rise construction mentor developing leadership teams five years 

Connecting people to possibilities has always been the natural theme of my life regardless of the industry I worked in.

After traveling the world in places not often attractive to tourists; meeting and having the most interesting conversations with countless people, it’s time to share these experiences.

After challenging myself from youth with theories on leadership, business, social impact and influence, it’s time to share these experiences.

The Itinerant draws on the wealth of wisdom and knowledge from the people and places that make up my life. Both wholesome and unwholesome people, pleasant and unpleasant places.

I welcome you or share my link with anyone else that may benefit from my querky perspectives on life, to follow my blog.

Tom Smilovitis – The Itinerant