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What good is it to gain the whole world but not have the capacity to enjoy it?

Having internal peace and leading a life that adds value to others is without doubt a life worth living.

It is also important to choose who you work with. Not every opportunity is worth our time, energy or money. I love outcomes that make me and those I work with sleep better at night.

Very few grasp my enthusiasm, candor and actions that lead to fruitful outcomes. No matter who the person, team or how large a project is, the following four objectives are what I focus on,

1. Systems we build must serve us rather than control us.

2. Communities we create feel like home, a place to belong.

3. Opportunities we chase reap maximum rewards for all parties, not just the few.

4. Worlds we transform are passed on to the next generation


A little bit about myself.

Growing up as a Greek/ Macedonian migrant in Australia, story telling is in my blood. My father and uncles were the most charismatic story tellers. They stirred the imagination. I’ve endeavored to follow in their footsteps.

My blog allows me some creativity and it allows others a small window into my soul. I hope to inspire others to back themselves and be open to their God given conscience and talents, they will never lie to you.

PEOPLE AND PROPERTY – My two passions

People – My work life entails family business, from cafes to restaurants. A Christian Ministry that has taken me around the world, including over one hundred communities. I have worked alongside other ministers seeing how I can assist, always wanting to make a difference.

Property – In the past twenty years I fell into commercial property related opportunities. Managing Shopping Centres, Leasing Retail and Commercial Spaces to Facilitating Leadership Development in High Rise Construction.

My journey involves family, business, friendships, risks, disappointments, success and most importantly, I walk as best I can with purpose.

Happily Married since 1986. I’m privileged to have a beautiful family and close friends, yet I feel my life journey has only begun. Don’t let this create a picture perfect profile, I have been to hell and back to find the peace I currently have. Hopefully my blog thoughts help you to circumnavigate around unnecessary heartaches or work through them. At best, I hope they trigger you to live a full life as God intended.



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